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Certificates of Appreciation
 Eric Hemmendinger
Appliances Chairperson Ed Underwood
Banquet Chairpersons Ann Marie Rosa  Lynn Hemmendinger
Club Records Chairperson Diane Kampf  
Club Sailboats Chairperson Chris Hughes  
Club Suppers - June Rob & Meghan Eberhardt  
Club Suppers - July Dan Abram
Club Suppers - August John Houstle
Club Suppers - Regatta Welcome Party Margy Davidson  
Club Suppers - Regatta Cocktail Party Donna Rousseau  
Docks Chairperson Greg Kampf  
Engineering Chairperson Mike Goldstein  
Facilities Chairperson Diane McElligitt  
Fourth of July Eve cookout Kevin & Ashley Buruchian  
Fourth of July Breakfast Faye Flam Joe and Louise Honor
Fourth of July Fun Events Leila McNeff  
Grounds Chairperson Janet Forrester  
Junior Sailing Chairpersons & Junior Regatta PRO Dave Rousseau Jay McNeff
Large Boat Storage Chairperson Diane Kampf  
Membership Chairperson Wallace Lueders  
Moonlight Sail Chairperson June Marty MacMillan
Moonlight Sail Chairperson July Chris Hughes  
Moorings Chairperson & Helpers Gordon Hatcher SHS Sailing Team
Open House Laura Russell  
Publicity Chairperson Ann Marie Rosa  
Race Committee Chairoerson Gary Werden  
Regatta Chairperson Diane Kampf  
Regatta PRO Small Boat Regatta Greg Kampf  
Safety Chairpersons Peter Levesque
Sailing Instruction Chairperson & Power Boating
Bob Gaffney  
Small Boat Storage Chairperson George Plesko  
Social Chairperson Leila McNeff  
Water Testing Chairperson Steve Arnold
Web Editor Diane Kampf  
Board Member - Commodore Mark Stoughton  
Board Member - Vice Commodore Bernadette Levesque
Board Member - Rear Commodore Jeff Sprung  
Board Member - Past Commodore  
Board Member - Treasurer John Eckart
Board Member - Director-at-Large Dan Abram  
Board Member - Secretary Diane Kampf  
Contact Information
58 Lakeview Street P.O.Box 18, Sharon, MA 02067    Lat: 42° 5' 52" N     Lon: 71° 10' 50" W 
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