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2021 Commodore's Corner - Jeff Sprung




Commodore Jeff Sprung


It’s 6:30 am, calm and quiet. Snow is falling softly this morning. The skies are beginning to brighten on this new day. Here I am thinking about spring and the upcoming sailing season at MYC.

Thankfully, last year the board figured out how to open the club and install docks allowing members to enjoy many summer activities. Racing, although limited, kayaking, canoeing, recreational sailing and playing in the water were all available to members.

Due to your adherence to safety guidelines, such as mask wearing and social distancing there were no reported cases of Covid 19 at the club. Thank you all for respecting each other and helping to keep everyone safe. The upcoming season will begin much the same as last year. At this writing, the bulk of our members have not taken the vaccine; therefore it is essential to maintain past practices.

Our goal is to have a safe clean up and opening. To that end, we have focused on three key tasks. First, we are working on developing procedures to safely install the docks and clean the leaves from the club, while maintaining social distancing protocols. Second, we have been discussing ways to rearrange the picnic tables in order to allow safe social functions. Third, the board is also thinking about providing contactless box lunches and dinners at events, per CDC guidelines. Please reach out with any ideas you might have about how to make these procedures happen.

Although things are a little different again this season, we can have another enjoyable and fun summer at the MYC.

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