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2013 Commodore's Corner

Mike Goldstein

Winter 13-14

It seems that my time here is coming to an end. I'm sure

you will not miss the bad puns and the obscure references, but I have enjoyed these minor missives immensely. It has  truly been an honor and a privilege to serve you this past year, I hope I have not sullied the office irrevocably and have done you proud. We leave the club better (if only slightly) than we found it, and I know that next year will be better still. I  am gratefully to all of you and the team that leads us, and have no qualms about the new team coming in. The hat, gavel and this page are all in good hands.

In Sharon, but not Massapoag. Too nice not to share with you.


Well, the late summer and early fall have been quite wonderful.

We had a series of wonderful events, the regatta was spectacular, yours truly fulfilled his proper role of the 'sailor idiot', the racer who makes all the other sailors feel better about themselves. Luckily I had just enough wits about me to realize I had gone from being a mere menace to being an actual danger to myself and those around me, and left the arena. As John Cleese said, "I may be an idiot, but I'm no fool". I think my days of day long racing are behind me now. Besides, paraphrasing Samuel Clemens*, Donna reminds me that 'Racing is a good sail, Spoiled'. So we have just a few days left, wherein we wrap up and take our toys home and in the meantime, 'As long as I gaze on Massapoag Sunset I am in paradise'     *2 I hope I see you at the banquet, where we can reminisce about the great year we've had, dreams fulfilled and dashed, and begin the process of renewal and hope as we anticipate next year. It's not just for racers, and almost half the awards are not for racing, and this year there was an excellent crop of 'Hat Rack' nominees. Also, GO RED SOX.  * attributed to Twain, but he most likely never said it. But Twain is the best, so why waste a chance to name check him.  *2 Sorry Mr. Davies, still your best song.


I didn't always come in last, but it was the boat that was fast, not the skipper

Late August

The days are getting shorter. The water is a little colder. The kids are going back to school. I've even seen a couple of trees turning. Is summer over? Are we done sailing? I quote Blutto Blutarsky: 

"What? Over? Did You say 'over'? Nothing is over until we decide it is!"

We have a lot of sailing left. We are still sailing on weekends. This coming Monday we have three (3!!) events, where first, the women show us how to really skipper, then the kids show us the future, and then lastly we crash the big(ger) boats proving that yes, we really should have crews.

Then in a week we have the 64th (cue proper Beatles song here, you all know exactly which one) regatta. So it isn't over just yet.  So what if the trees are giving up, we aren't ready yet. See you all out there


July - SUMMER!

Fireworks, hot dogs, Declaration of Independence. it is truly an privilege to be a citizen of these United States. It is also a right and obligation to participate in the self - governance that makes it all possible. Messy, inefficient, sometime combative. Churchill was right when he said it is the worst form of government, except for all the others. And it what we enjoy, in our own little microcosm, here at MYC. We get to decide for ourselves, how to govern ourselves, how to interact with the world around us, and to decide just what kind of club we want to be. And we do it again in just a few weeks, on August 4, with another business meeting. Along with the usual mundane and boring, we will also keep what is working, try to make a little more perfect what is not. For instance, our lake has fanwort, an invasive weed, which the town we are part of, will spend time and money to eradicate to keep our prized lake clean and healthy. We are asked to participate in a small way to help, and we will decide if and how to do so. We also will discuss the welcoming nature of our little community, and what that sometimes costs us. It may not be as grand as debating freedom in a world of terror and surveillance, but it our choice, and ours alone. Hope to see you there, and as always, on the water.


Despite what the calendar officially says, Summer is here. For some of us it starts on the first day out on the water, for most of us it is memorial day weekend. Solstice is a still a few days away, but however you determine summer it is here. Finally. We seem to have practically skipped spring on gone straight to the heat. So time to get out and have fun. A reminder that the club and all our activities depend on each of us to do our part, and to take the task seriously. They are not so demanding, but they are all necessary. That means  remembering your race duties, and getting to the club an hour early to properly prepare.  It means preparing enough food for our suppers and to help out as needed. It means picking up after yourself, the coffee cup here, the water bottle there. It means getting your boat out of it's winter storage spot at the club and into it's proper place. Is this asking too much of ourselves? I don't think so. See you on (or in!) the water-


My favorite day of the season.  In case you were not sure if your commodore was a  bit 'off', this entry should convince you. My favorite day of the Massapoag calendar is... the spring work party. Yes, the regattas, the racing, the dinners all have fine qualities to recommend them, but I like the work party. I really love watching how the club comes together. How all the work some how  just gets done.  Most everyone knows what needs to get done and goes about doing it. And when that gets done looking about for what else needs attending to. The docks magically appear, the grounds get cleanup up, the clubhouse gets straightened out. And when a few curve balls inevitably come our way, they get dealt with. On top of all that, the season has such promise in mid April. This is the year that the boat will get clean, and fast. That I will sail more than I sit.  This is the next year that we waited for (a familiar refrain for us old, pre-nation, red sox fans) And so now the season has begun, and reality begins to set it. But I'm still clinging to the hopes and dreams I had on the day of the work party. Maybe I'll get a boat in by June this year. Also, thanks again to everyone who sponsored me and/or Emily in the Walk For Hunger. We had a glorious day, and raising a few dollars and our own awareness to boot.

Happy Sails!

Later April

One of the hazards of raising children is when they learn to turn that guilt around. And this is how it comes to be that Emily and I will be doing the 'Walk for Hunger' this year. Now I must tap into my inner NPR and ask for pledges. Is this a flagrant abuse of the power and privilege entrusted to me as your commodore? Well, as MYC Commodore I have no real power, and this Corner is my only privilege. So yes, it is. I can live with that. So if you are not already burnt out on the walk-for-every-good-cause appeals, please consider this one. Of course I wont hold it against you if you decline. But I might remember, the next time we meet on the race course, (because you've already lapped us at least once), that my boat is built quite robustly and is absolutely unsinkable. Is yours? Just askin' A small donation can insure that we'll tack away and head for straight for your fiercest rival.

Give generously!   Emily's Sponsor Page        My Sponsor Page

Addendum: Also please consider One Fund Boston

Happy Sails!

Early April 

Snow,  We've had enough. If it helps, remember that the snow pack replenishes our waters for drinking and sailing. That said, despite the lingering cold, its  almost time to clean up, open up, and get out on the water. I think this late snow and cold has helped build the anticipation for the coming season. The Lasar's are being gracious and letting the sunfish crash (may participate is better!) the Saturday afternoon party. We've got a full racing and social schedules ready to go with food, moonlight, movies all in the mix.  Did you know that the commodore get's snail mail, and not just spam? I didn't either. But I was given this surprise packet from our friends at US Sailing. Turns out that our own 62nd Annual Regatta was nominated for the 'US Sailing One-Design Regatta Award' for 2012. No, we didn't win this time. But this is our Oscars, and  it truly is an honor be nominated. Once again our lttle 300+ acre puddle has put on a world class event. And although we don't do it for the rewards, it is undeniably nice to get recognized once in a while for all that hard work. Kudos again to Diane Kampf and the team she so expertly leads. And a little to us too, for we all pitch in, and contribute to the environment and spirit that make this, and everything at the club possible And in that spirit, I look forward to seeing you all at the work party. And then on the lake.

January 2013

Welcome fellow Massapogians to 2013. 2012 was a great season and we will do our best to make 2013 worthy. >The rumors are true. Those who have seen me sail over the years know that I can only make a boat go fast But fear not, even if I wanted to evict all the sailboats and make the club a haven for stink pots, I could not, as the club is not mine, but yours. All we ask is everyone pitch in and we can maintain our wonderful club for sailing, socializing and even some racing. Better yet, come up with some ideas and we can continue to improve the club together. There are already plans afoot to increase Sunfish participation. What else shall we do? Of course our other fleets will continue with their successful programs, and we hope to continue improving the Junior Sailing program, get some seminars going, especially around the newest racing rules (there are rules??!??! who knew?). And of course our social events, special race days, and the crown jewel, the 64th Annual Regatta.

So come on out and lets have some fun. I can't wait to see you all on the water. But first, I'll see you in February.

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