2020 Commodore's Corner




Commodore Jeff Sprung

JULY 2 2020

When the going gets tough, the tough go sailing!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen many of you either enjoying a swim, kayaking, paddle boarding or, out on the water sailing. You are making the best out of our current situation. It’s very inspirational! Going forward things will continue to improve as long as we follow the current guidelines from the Governor and CDC.

Massachusetts is still in phase 2 of reopening, meaning we have to continue social distancing, wear facemasks on club grounds as well as on the docks and frequent hand washing if you touch surfaces at the club  Racing can continue with our enhanced rules and I encourage you to join in. The Juniors are racing on Sunday and it’s great to watch! And we are able to hold our sailing classes using the Sunfish our Commodore fixed up for the club. It’s so good to see that we can enjoy the club despite COVID-19 restrictions!

Last night the board discussed allowing groups of no more than 10 people to reserve the club for gatherings. We have decided to continue this policy of gatherings of no more than 10 at this time.  This was a tough decision. It’s important to limit exposure to members who might be there sailing or enjoying the beach. Keeping our club members safe is our first and highest priority. Unfortunately, this means we need to cancel our July club dinner. We are awaiting the rules for phase 3 to see if an August dinner will be allowed and we will discuss if it is feasible for us to hold the dinner.

Thank you all for your continued cooperation!

Stay safe and sail fast,

JUNE 12 2020

Thank you so much for your cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic - it has been difficult for everyone, Fortunately, community efforts at social distancing and other measures have significantly lowered both the number of new cases as well as the daily death count in Massachusetts. As we enter Phase 2 of reopening our economy, some of the standards are changing.

  1. Sports are coming back to Massachusetts; therefore MYC can continue to resume racing activities with some adjustments. Any adjustments to our current Sis will be prepared and shared with all members. We will be resuming race duty with masks required on boats if you perform duty with non-family members. IMPORTANT: Please let us know if you are uncomfortable with doing race duty so we may find a replacement beforehand,
  2. Outdoor dining with limited numbers of people and compliance with distancing requirements will be allowed.
  • No more than 10 people gathered at one time
  • We will start planning safe ways to gather for brunches and dinners at the club.
  • Please continue to social distance if you use the club’s tables and grills.
  1. Non-member guests will be allowed to come to the club and may sail their own boats or may sail with members. As with dining, no more than 10 people may gather at one time in each group.  Members may sail with other members.  Social distancing rules apply to all guests and members, i.e., masks to be worn at all times while sailing if your crew includes non-household members. 
  2. Social distancing rules apply onshore and on the docks, i.e., masks required and social distancing of at least 6 feet or more, whenever possible.
  3. For anyone over 65, please use extra caution while at the club.

Of course, duty and any activities at the club are still at your own risk at this time and are optional.

MAY 20 2020

The last 8 weeks have changed the way many sailing clubs in our country are looking at the upcoming sailing season. If you follow social media, you can see state, federal and local leaders reacting in a variety of ways. One thing is true, we have all had a lot of time to reflect on what action we can take to be better at what we do.

The Massapoag Yacht Club Board has used this time to reflect on who we are: a flexible, nimble organization geared towards creating a great experience for our members on our beautiful lake. Although certain things will change this summer, we believe we have worked thoughtfully to create policies that will allow members to enjoy the club safely. 

Ready for something to look forward to? 

Here is a sneak peek:

Phase 1 - "Safer at Home" 

The Governor's plan generally permits outdoor activities along with gatherings of up to 10 people with social distancing and wearing masks [except for those over the age of 65 who should continue to stay home except for essential errands such as going to the grocery store and to attend to healthcare needs].

"The safe operation of recreational boats is permitted under the following guidelines: 

  • Only persons from the same household should be together on a boat at one time. 
  • No gathering or groups of persons from multiple households will be permitted on boat ramps, docks, piers etc., and all users shall practice strict social distancing. 
  • All recreational crafts shall remain a safe distance apart. Tying boats or other crafts together is prohibited. 
  • All recreational boating is subject to the discretion of local officials, harbormasters, and law enforcement. 
  • All local rules, regulations, laws and Coast Guard requirements still apply.”


  • The docks are in!
  • The restrooms are open!
  • Moorings are in!

MYC is about to launch racing programs designed to engage our members. 

We will be discussing phasing-in additional programs, such as our summer learn to sail program, based on the Governor's Phase 2 / Phase 3 guidance.

Activities at the Club during this pandemic will be at your own risk

Guests are not allowed during phase 1

Racing and sailing will be restricted to family members in your boat at this time during phase 1

We are working on plans to begin racing after MAY 25th. (ZOOM meeting to follow)




MAY 8, 2020

Great news! MYC docks are in! Officially the club is closed for all regular club activities, and we are still in a limited access situation until May 17.  Before I get into details, let me take a moment to congratulate all of you on your response to this challenging situation. As sailors, I know staying at home and not having access to the club was tough. But we're getting there, and soon we can get back on the water and enjoy all the best lake Massapoag has to offer! However, medical experts warn that it does not take much to create a spike in the outbreak. With that thought in mind, let’s look at some things we can do to keep all of us safe and healthy

General Guidelines

As we move into this first step of re-opening, the overall expectation is that sailors will come to MYC, launch their boats, sail, and then return home. We are asking you to refrain from socializing and the areas where we traditionally get together (club house, picnic tables) will remain closed for now. The restrooms will be open for use. Below are some general guidelines for all of us to follow:

No guests allowed at this time.

  • If you are sick, or a vulnerable individual, please stay at home.
  •  While ashore, please maximize physical distance from others.
  • n areas on shore and on the docks, please wear a mask (or a neck gaiter, buff, or other suitable device to cover your mouth and no
  • Sail only with those in your immediate household
  • Maintain separation from other boats on the water. No fleet activities or raft-ups.
  • No formal racing at this time

  • .We are working on plans to race after May 18

Now that we have reviewed our common policies, let’s discuss what you can expect when you arrive.

Station

There will be Sign-in/Sign-Out station. Make this your first and last stop of the day. If needed, attendance sheets will be given to health officials to aid in contact tracing. (This might be online or some other electronic means)

There will be signs stating ‘All regularly scheduled activities are postponed and instrutions on restroom use

Boat Storage Areas and Launch Sites

Here are some considerations for getting your boat in and out of the water:

* There will be no formal racing at this time! 

 • Limit gatherings and launchings to no more than 6 people.

• Maximize your distance from others, according to CDC Guidelines. 


• Wear a mask (or a suitable substitute) any time your are on shore or the docks and, maintain 6 feet of separation.

• Wash or sanitize your hands if you touch objects that others frequently handle.

* Contact Diane Kampf [email protected] for large boat storage locations, dry sailing spots

* Contact Mike Lieberman [email protected] for mooring assignments

* Contact Eddie Ellis [email protected] for small boat storage locations before leaving your boat on the beach.

* Sailing is at your own risk* 


The restroom facility is open. We have provided soap and disinfectant spray on the sinks. There will be sanitizing materials available for your use. Please clean the areas used after washing your hands. If possible, please limit occupancy to one per side. Please wear a mask (or suitable substitute).

Sailing Lessons

Unfortunately, social distancing does not allow us to teach lessons. We will get our new sailors back on the water as soon as conditions allow.

 It is truly a pleasure to welcome you back to MYC after May 17th! Have fun and be safe.

Kindest Regards,


2020 Commodore &2020 MYC Board 



As our spring sailing season approaches we are in the throws of a World wide Pandemic! We are living in strange times! I spoke with one of our members Janet Forrester who is an Epidemiologist at Tufts. She recommends social distancing during our gatherings, sailing and work party along with covering nose and mouth with a scarf or bandana and wearing cloth gloves. In addition we might have to cancel or postpone summer dinners. The plan is to wait a couple of weeks to assess the situation. She does not think we have to cancel our summer sailing at this time but, did make these suggestions that are confirmed in an article I found by an MD posted below:  

Wishing you and your family good health and safety during these times.

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