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2019 Supper Duty Roster - last updated 4/9/2019

Chairperson >>> Lueders Kasindorf Clancy Kampf/Davidson
Abram Aikman Amrhein Buruchian
Braverman Bennett Anastasia Ellis
DeVries Burkett Bynarowicz Forrester
Dimson-Doyle Carmody Danielson Kamocsay
Dubuc Cooper Day Lambalot
Eberhardt Fitzpatrick Dickerman Levesque
Farrow Flam Flynn Lieberman
Gilman Gaffney Kampf R McNeff
Goldstein Ganshirt Lawrence Rosa
Hatcher Hill McElligott Rousseau
Houstle Keller Mouradian Rubinstein
Levy Lally Smit-Sibinga Stasiewicz
Loewald Newman Stoughton Stead
McSherry Newton Stow C W.Goethert
Meissner Oneil Smith Stow D
Schlosser Plesko Trow OTHER REGATTAS
Sheehan Putnam Ulmer v Chairperson v
Sprung Sweeney Weiss Kampf
Underwood Tortorella Werden Sharp (Small Boat Regatta)
Wiliams Eckart (Small Boat Regatta)
OPEN HOUSE July 3 Cookout 4th of July Breakfast WINTER BRUNCH Hughes (Women and single-handed)
v Chairperson v v Chairperson v v Chairperson v v Chairperson v Goethert (Junior Regatta)
Russell Hemmendinger Honor Waltuck
Bynarowicz Orlando
If you wish to change your supper assignment, please find a replacement and advise the chairperson of both events.
Unless otherwise notified by the supper chairperson, on the day of your Club supper duty, you will be asked to provide
the following for 8-10 people in accordance with the supper theme. This does NOT apply to the regatta meal duty.
Main dish - chicken, lasagna, tacos, etc.
Salad - garden salad, potato salad, pasta salad, Caesar salad, etc.
Dessert of your choice Cold drinks
Note: Members with June, July or August dinner duty should arrive by 4:00 pm and stay after the dinner to clean up.
Members with regatta dinner duty will get direction from the regatta chairperson(s) on what to bring and when.

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