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        . 2017-11-11 MYC Commodores Banquet.   (Diane Kampf on Flickr)
      • 2017-09-08 to 10 MYC 68th Annual Regatta (Scott Rosa, Diane Kampf and Mark Stoughton on on FLickr)
      . 2017 Junior Sailing (Gary Werden on Snapfish)
        2017-06-03 MYC 10th Annual Small Boat Regatta (Diane Kampf on Snapfish)
         2016-09-09 to 11 MYC 67th Annual Regatta   (Photo © 2016 Deb Mason-McCaffrey used with permission)
         2016-09-09 to 11 MYC 67th Annual Regatta (Sue Buruchian on Flickr)
         2016-09-09 to 11 MYC 67th Annual Regatta (Scott Rosa on Flickr)
         • 2016-09-09 to 11 MYC 67th Annual Regatta (Diane Kampf on Flickr)
         • 2016 Flying Scot NAC at Newport Rhode Island, hosted by MYC    
            Kate’s pictures -

            Diane’s pictures -

            Evan Locke's pictures:

·         From 7/18 -

·         From 7/19 -

·         From 7/20 -

·         From 7/21 -

            Art Petrosemolo's photos arel on his website at –, then choose Sailing Regatta, then 2016 Flying Scot NAC.               You can get any of the pictures with the watermark or you can buy prints or digital versions of the photos from Art. 

            Hank Sykes' pictures are on his Google site at

         • 2016-06-18 MYC 9th Annual Small Boat Regatta (Diane Kampf on Snapfish)

Here are 3 great videos for your viewing pleasure:

RS Aeros


Ride along with Marc Jacobi in Race 3 & 4

         2015-09-19 Light Up the Lake (Mark Stoughton on Flickr)
          2015-09-11 to 13 MYC 66th Annual Regatta (Diane Kampf on Flickr)
          2015-08-01 to 02 US Sunfish Masters at MYC (on Flickr)

         • 2015-06-14 MYC Sunday Sailing (on Flickr)

         2015-05-30 MYC 8th Annual Small Boat Regatta (on Snapfish - most pictures by Scott Rosa)

2014-06 Day Sailer NACR on Flickr

2013-11-02 MYC Commodore's Banquet pictures on Snapfish

2013-09-06 to 09 MYC 64th Annual Regatta pictures on Snapfish

2013 MYC Member Pictures on Flicker

2013-06-01 MYC 6th Annual Sunfish and Laser Regatta on Flicker

2014-09-06 to 07 MYC 65th Annual Regatta on Snapfish

         • 2016-06-18 MYC 9th Annual Small Boat Regatta (Diane Kampf on Snapfish)
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